Because of a critical Zcash bug we are unable to process payments to Zcash protected addresses alias "z" addresses.

If you would like to move the funds you have mined under a "z" address to a regular Zcash mainnet address ("t1" address) you will need to send us the private key that corresponds to the Zcash "z" address.

IMPORTANT: Before sending us the private key make sure to sweep any existing balance of the "z" address and never ever use this address again after you have sent us the private key!

In order to retrieve the private key of your Zcash "z" address run the following RPC command:

zcash-cli z_exportkey <Z-ADDRESS>

After that please create a support ticket and provide us the following information:

  • The Zcash "z" address we should move the funds from
  • The Zcash "t1" address we should move the funds to
  • The private key of your "z" address

We will verify that the private key indeed belongs to the "z" address given and then will move funds over to your new address.

Why are we asking for the private key for verification? Currently there is no way to prove that you are in fact the owner of the address as "z" addresses do not support signing messages.