Please check the following points before creating a support ticket:

  • If the tx has been sent recently please wait at least 90 minutes for it to be confirmed by the network
  • First always check if your missing payout transaction is visible on a block explorer (ETH: &¬†, , ETC: , ZEC:
    • If the tx is visible on the block explorer this means that the tx has been sent by the pool and was confirmed by the network. Do not create a support ticket in this case as the issue is not caused by the pool but by your wallet or wallet provider / exchange.
    • If the tx has been sent more than 4 hours ago and is not visible on a block explorer please create a support ticket with us and we will investigate the issue. Usually we will re-send unconfirmed transactions on a daily basis.
  • Further info:
    • If you operate a local wallet make sure it is up to date & fully synced otherwise please contact your wallet provider / exchange.
    • Most exchanges do not credit deposits below a certain amount directly. You will need to wait till you accumulated at least a certain amount in your exchange deposit wallet before it will be credited to your account. Please contact your exchange for further information on their deposit policy.