Choosing The Best Stratum

Modified on Thu, 01 Jun 2017 at 01:23 PM

You should choose / flypool / ETC.ethermine.or , etc. stratum server that is closest to your miners location in terms of Internet network connection. Available stratum servers are listed on Getting Started page, accessible from top menu.

General rule of thumb is to pick:

  • .eu stratum servers if your miners are located in Europe, Russia and other regions, near to Europe
  • .us stratum servers if your miners are located in USA, Australia and other regions, near to USA

You can fine determine best location by running simple ping utility from Windows Command Prompt or Linux Shell.

IMPORTANT! You must run this from the location of your miners, ideally directly on your miners, NOT from your home PC/Desktop/Notebook (the only exception is when your miner or GPU is actually connected to your PC/Desktop/Notebook).

If you are using windows, run this command for each pool stratum server location (if you do not have telnet installed see here for install instructions):

ping -n 50 -l 128 SERVER

If you are using Linux, run this command for each stratum server location:

ping -c 50 -s 128 SERVER

After all the tests are finished (50 pings for each location) you'll get results with Minimum = X ms, Maximum = Y ms, Average = Z ms latency (or min/avg/max/mdev = X/Y/Z/W ms). You're looking for Average or avg number. Pick the location for which the test gives you the LOWEST Average or avg number of ms.

It is also important that you receive 0% packet loss in the ping results. If you get significant packet loss for a particular location it might be wiser to choose a location with slightly higher ms results, but with lower or zero packet loss.

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