Transfer unpaid balances / credits from one wallet to another?

Modified on Wed, 09 Aug 2017 at 09:44 AM

For security reasons we are generally unable to transfer any funds/credits from one account to another. Ethermine, Ethpool and Flypool are an anonymous mining pools, this means that as long we are unable to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account you want to transfer the balance / credits we cannot execute the transfer. 


That said, if you can prove ownership of the address you want to transfer funds by sending us a message that has been signed using the private key of the original account (we recommend to use to generate such a signature for all ETH & ETC based accounts) we will be able to transfer to a different account.

If you'r using an exchange address or hosted wallet, you will have to contact them and ask to provide you the private key of your account in order to create such a signature. If that exchange is no longer available you will have to contact the legal entity that took over control of the exchange. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot accept any other means of verification except prove of ownership of the private key of the address.

If you have lost your wallet we suggest using a wallet recovery service.

Unfortunately having access to the IP used for mining on an account is not sufficient to prove ownership of that account.

In general we do not recommend to mine directly to addresses where you do not have access to the private key!

BTC-E Exchange

In case of the recent BTC-E Exchange closure this means that we are unable to transfer unpaid balances / credits to another account as long as you are unable to acquire the private key of the address you want to transfer funds from. We suggest you try to contact either BTC-E (e.g. via their still active twitter account at or their account at;u=33012) or the entity that took over control of the BTC-E infrastructure in order to obtain the private key. We understand that this process is currently very difficult but unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to accept any other means of verification as of now as explained above. Also please have a look at the latest update from btc-e regarding the situation:

Furthermore we would like to point out that we are in no way affiliated nor have or have had any cooperation with the BTC-E cryptocurrency exchange.

We will always execute an on demand payout to the original address the unpaid balance is currently under if that is requested.

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