New policy valid from block 12,965,000 (~5th of August, 2021)

We are happy to announce that the Ethermine payout policy will change for the better on June 1st, 2021, to support smaller miners!

The Ethermine team has added a scaling solution (0xPolygon former Matic) to the payout system that enables us to send payouts as low as 0.005 ETH per day

!! Important !!

1) NO action required if you want to receive your payouts on the Ethereum mainnet as usual. 

2) 0xPolygon is EVM compatible.

3) You can NOT receive 0xPolygon payouts if you mine directly to an exchange wallet!

4) You CAN use your current mining address for 0xPolygon payouts if you have access to your private key AND can import it to MetaMask wallet.

Hence the payout policy will be adapted as follows:

Ethereum Layer 1 (Gas limit: 100,000)
-) Daily automatic payout of all balances above your configured payout threshold (10 - 0.1 ETH, network tx fee paid by the pool)
-) Monthly automatic payout on the 28th of each month for all balances above 0.01 ETH that have not received a payout during the last 21 days (network tx fee paid by the pool)

-) Manual on demand payout of all balance above 0.005 ETH (network tx fee to be paid by the miner; only for non-custodial wallets (requires MetaMask signature))

 Side-chain (Matic/Polygon)
-) Daily automatic payout of all balances above 0.005 ETH (network tx fee paid by the pool)

We highly recommend smaller miners to use Polygon / Matic to receive their payouts promptly.

How to use "Polygon & Ethermine" guide:

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