We are happy to announce that the Ethermine payout policy will change for the better starting at block 12,965,000 (approximately August 5th, 2021), after the London Hardfork.


1) 100% instead of 80% of MEV rewards will be forwarded to miners

2) Manual payouts & changing threshold can now be initiated also via IP verification.

3) Minimum payout threshold will be reduced to 0.01 ETH & no monthly automatic payouts
4Payout tx fee to be paid by the miner for all Ethereum mainnet payout transactions- miners can set the maximum gas price they are willing to pay.

Because of EIP-1559 and its inherent transaction fee tax (base_fee) it will no longer be possible for the pool to cover miner payout transaction fees.

We have seen strong demand for payouts on Polygon and other Layer 2 solutions and will add payouts via Optimism and Arbitrum as soon as possible.

Hence the payout policy will be adapted as follows:

Ethereum Layer 1 (Gas limit: 250,000)
-) Daily automatic payout of all balances above your configured payout threshold (10 - 0.
01 ETH, network tx fee paid by the miner, default max acceptable gas price will be 40 GWei).

-) Manual on demand payout of all balances above 0.005 ETH (network tx fee to be paid by the minercan now be initiated via Metamask signature OR via IP verification).

 Side-chain (Matic/Polygon)
-) Daily automatic payout of all balances above 0.005 ETH (network tx fee paid by the pool)

We highly recommend smaller miners to use Polygon / Matic to receive their payouts promptly.

How to use "Polygon & Ethermine" guide: 

Relevant links
Metamask Wallet (Network switch: Matic Network): https://metamask.io/
Matic wallet: https://wallet.matic.network/
Matic explorer: https://explorer-mainnet.maticvigil.com/