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This helpdesk is for pool related mining questions only! If you are having technical issues setting up or configuring your miner please address them in the appropriate public Ethereum and Zcash forums! Also check the FAQ section of the portal before submitting any ticket!

Transfer unpaid balances / credits from one wallet to another

  • For security reasons we are generally unable to transfer any funds/credits from one account to another. Ethermine, Ethpool and Flypool are an anonymous mining pools, this means that as long we are unable to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account you want to transfer the balance / credits we cannot execute the transfer. 
  • That said, if you can prove ownership of the address you want to transfer funds by sending us a message that has been signed using the private key of the original account (we recommend to use 
  • to generate such a signature for all ETH & ETC based accounts) we will be able to transfer to a different account.
  • If you'r using an exchange address or hosted wallet, you will have to contact them and ask to provide you the private key of your account in order to create such a signature. If that exchange is no longer available you will have to contact the legal entity that took over control of the exchange. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot accept any other means of verification except prove of ownership of the private key of the address.
  • If you have lost your wallet we suggest using a wallet recovery service.
  • Unfortunately having access to the IP used for mining on an account is not sufficient to prove ownership of that account.
  • In general we do not recommend to mine directly to addresses where you do not have access to the private key!

Unexpected Payout / Payout was done too early

We have updated the default payout policy for the pool. This means you may have received a payout before your configured minimum payout threshold has been reached. This is perfectly normal and happens if you did not receive a pool payout during the last 14 days and your balance was greater than 0.01 ETH. Please check out the payout policy for further details:

  • All transaction fees related to pool payouts are paid by the pool, independent of the paid out amount
  • If your unpaid balance is greater than your configured payout threshold (Min: 0.1 ETH, Max: 10 ETH, Default: 1ETH) your account will be paid out during the next payout round, usually after 5 - 10 minutes
  • If your unpaid balance is greater than 0.01 ETH and you have not received a payout from the pool during the last 14 days and its a weekend your account will be paid out during the next payout round, usually after 5 - 10 minutes, independent of your configured payout threshold

I have not received a Payout

  • If the tx has been sent recently please wait at least 90 minutes for it to be confirmed by the network
  • First always check if your missing payout transaction is visible on a block explorer (ETH: &, , ETC: , ZEC:
    • If the tx is visible on the block explorer this means that the tx has been sent by the pool and was confirmed by the network. Do not create a support ticket in this case as the issue is not caused by the pool but by your wallet or wallet provider / exchange. Contact your wallet provider / exchange for further support.
    • If the tx has been sent more than 4 hours ago and is not visible on a block explorer please create a support ticket with us and we will investigate the issue. Usually we will re-send unconfirmed transactions on a daily basis.
  • Further info:
    • If you operate a local wallet make sure it is up to date & fully synced otherwise please contact your wallet provider / exchange.
    • Most exchanges do not credit deposits below a certain amount directly. You will need to wait till you accumulated at least a certain amount in your exchange deposit wallet before it will be credited to your account. Please contact your exchange for further information on their deposit policy.

My effective hashrate lower compared to my local hashrate

The effective hashrate value depends on the luck of your miners, thus deviations from your real hashrate are normal and can regularly be very large (+/- 50% of your real hashrate). The 24h average effective hashrate should match your local hashrate more closely, but it takes at least 24 hours of uninterrupted mining in order to calculate it correctly.

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