Ethermine Staking - Onfido Troubleshooting

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Camera Permissions - Android

1. On your Android device, head over to the home page and open the Settings app.

2. Click Apps & notifications.

3. Click the icon for the web browser you were using (in this case, Google Chrome). 

4. Click Permissions.

5. Turn on permissions for Camera.

Camera Permissions - iOS

1. Open Settings

2. Scroll down and select Privacy

3. Select Camera.

4. Turn on the permissions for the web browser (Chrome, Safari ...) you were using to take the selfie.

General Onfido Issues

  1. “No document detected” 

Review the document and be sure that the entire document is visible in the frame of the photo.

  1. “File not uploading”, “Unsupported File Type”, "File size too large"

Files must be .jpg or .png file types, and no larger than 10 MB. 

  1. "No face found"

Make sure that your face is in the center of the screen and that it is not covered (glasses, mask). 

  1. "Multiple faces found"

Your face must be the only face in the frame of your identification photo. Make sure that there are no other faces in frame for your identification photo.

  1. "Connection lost"

The network connection dropped during your verification. Please try again.

  1. “Glare detected”

Double check the uploaded document and make sure that there is no glare and the text is clear and legible.

  1. "An error occurred while loading the component", "Check your mobile number is correct",

 You'll need to restart your verification on your computer.

  1. “Your camera isn't working", "camera_inactive", "No camera detected", "camera_inactive_no_fallback", "Having camera problems?"

If your camera is not functional or is disconnected, please use your mobile device to continue the verification process. You can verify on a device which has a working camera.

  1. "Looks like you took too long"

Remember to press stop when you're done taking your photo.

Source: Bitpay Support [1]

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