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Ethpool Staking Rewards Explained

Modified on Thu, 09 Nov 2023 at 09:03 AM

Ethpool offers a non-custodial staking service on the Ethereum network, which involves two types of rewards: 

Consensus Layer (CL) Rewards and Execution Layer (EL) Rewards. 

Execution Layer Rewards (EL)

How You Earn Them:
These rewards come from being lucky and finding a block. On average a validator finds a block every 4 months.

Payout Process:
At Ethpool.org, whenever your validator finds a block, we take a small fee and then send the rest of the Execution Layer Rewards to an address you've set in your settings. 

Consensus Layer Rewards

What They Are: 

These rewards are earned for participating in the Ethereum network's consensus process. This includes activities like attestation

How You Earn Them:
As a validator, you receive these rewards for actions like proposing or attesting to blocks on the Ethereum Beacon Chain or simply: by being "online".

Payout Process:
The great thing about Consensus Layer Rewards is their simplicity. The network automatically processes these rewards. There's no need for manual payouts.

CL rewards can be found on 

  1. https://beaconcha.in/validator/1#withdrawals
  2. https://beaconcha.in/address/0x15f4b914a0ccd14333d850ff311d6dafbfbaa32b#withdrawals (see screenshot)

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